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Chabad on campus at UC Davis is a home away from home for all Jewish college students. Our mission is to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment for all Jewish students regardless of anyones background. As an organization we offer a wide range of programs including weekly social events on an off campus, holiday celebrations, and classes. We provide kosher food, shabbat services, and educational resources for students looking to explore and expand their Jewish identities. As a group we are committed to providing a strong Jewish community on campus and empowering students to live a purposeful Jewish life both on campus and beyond.
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  • Hamas Terrorists Were Right Behind My House!After two days in her "safe room,” Michla and her family evacuated. Read More
  • Wonders of the Human EyeA Jewish scientist discusses the incredible synchronization in the anatomy of the human eye. Read More
  • The Signature Element of Chabad Psychology that Few Understand Life, according to Tanya, is less about who you are and more about what you wear. Read More
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You are G‑d’s sewing needle. Your mitzvahs are His thread. Now you can understand all these journeys of your life: You are pulling a thread, stitching together the confusion of this world into a single, meaningful story of wisdom and divine truth, a magnificent patchwork of many colors. Predictably, the world resists your mitzvahs. But, as a needle, you are firm and sharp enough to pierce through any challenge. And as a needle, you have an opposite side as well: Behind your will of steel lies an openness, a sense of awe, wonder, and humility...
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