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Chabad on campus at UC Davis is a home away from home for all Jewish college students. Our mission is to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment for all Jewish students regardless of anyones background. As an organization we offer a wide range of programs including weekly social events on an off campus, holiday celebrations, and classes. We provide kosher food, shabbat services, and educational resources for students looking to explore and expand their Jewish identities. As a group we are committed to providing a strong Jewish community on campus and empowering students to live a purposeful Jewish life both on campus and beyond.
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  • 13 Facts About the Four Species Every Jew Should KnowLearn about this special mitzvah, which is performed every day of Sukkot (besides Shabbat). Read More
  • The Rebbe Maharash and the Lost SoulThe suite was very expensive and usually reserved for nobility. But the Rebbe Maharash did not... Read More
  • What Is Sukkot?Sukkot is a Jewish holiday celebrated by taking off work, celebrating in a hut, and waving unusual... Read More
  • Excuse Me, Are You Jewish?: The Lulav Campaign Turns 70How the Rebbe brought the mitzvahs of Sukkot to the streets Read More
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A sukkah is an embrace. You sit inside and G‑d is hugging you. All of you, from head to toe. Whatever you do inside your sukkah—sip a beer, chat with a friend, answer your e‑mail, or just sleep soundly—all is transformed into a mitzvah, a secure and timeless connection with the Infinite. And then, when you leave the sukkah to enter the world, you carry that hug with...
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